Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vain, Gay, or just plain fucked up.

The tenders on the deck proposed a series of introspective questions.
When I first came up to them they asked me,"If you had an exact clone of yourself, and you had sex with that clone, are you gay?"
The argument is that it's really YOU just jacking yourself off.
I felt that, yes, you would be gay...  Narcissistic to boot, but also gay.  Seeing as, while technically a replica of yourself, you would be having sex with another person who was of the same sex.
A very unintelligent debate ensued, and I countered with the question,"It you masturbate in front of a full length mirror, to yourself, does that mean you're gay?"
This question prompted several answers.  Most of us settled on vain, not gay--per-se.
Then one of the tenders asked,"But what if you're jacking off to your own image, and you have an identical twin brother?  Now what are you?"
We unanimously agreed that was just plain fucked up.